• CommentAuthorjesssamy
    • CommentTimeJan 30th 2007
    I knew of all the photobooths in San Diego. The ones at Belmont Park, Corvettes, and MOPA. Sadly, the two at Belmont are no longer there. The one at corvettes diner has been replaced with a "modern" photobooth. The two at MOPA are still there, but both are now black and white.

    I LOVE photobooths. I hate seeing them go.
    • CommentAuthorBrian
    • CommentTimeFeb 1st 2007
    Thanks for the update, though that is some sad, sad news. It's funny, the tech who worked the booths at Belmont posted a comment on our blog saying I should let him know the next time I was in town so he could make sure the booths were working. It's likely out of his control, but it's too bad; booths so often go from out of order to out of sight.
    Hi Brian,

    Belmont Park added a kiosk that is run by the Park were employees take a picture of you and your family to sell in a framed version similar to Six Flags or any theme park... etc. The photobooths didnt have a chance since it was competing against the parks revenue.
    On a good note, there is a new location San Diego located at The Beauty Bar. The business is your typical hip cool bar scene type and the booth is a black and white studio located in East San Diego.


    • CommentAuthorBrian
    • CommentTimeApr 24th 2007
    Thanks - I've heard rumor of the booth at The Beauty Bar, and I'll have to make my way down there sometime to check it out. I've changed the entries for Belmont Park and the Corvette to reflect the fact that the booths are no longer there. The Corvette's especially is a tough loss.