• CommentAuthorLornaLou
    • CommentTimeJun 16th 2014
    So, last year I took my kid to the Sacramento County Fair, and had witnessed an amazing row of photobooths available. I had run out of money by then, so I swore I'd be back this year with a wad of cash. I did indeed go this year, only to discover that the vendor no longer wanted to have their booths at the fair. I felt terribly discouraged!! I even went as far as to email the fair manager. She was none-too-nice. In any case.. how can we find out *who these photo booth vendors are, and where they will be next?? I might be willing to travel to go to a photobooth! It will be interesting to see if the CA State Fair has them this year. Anyone have any insider info on this? In any case, just wanted to alert Fair Going Photo Booth Hunters that the San Diego County fair currently has operational photo booths (Someone posted a picture on Instagram) :)
    Thanks for hearing me ramble!
    • CommentAuthorLornaLou
    • CommentTimeJul 6th 2014
    I just wanted to update this thread (not that I think anyone is reading), and mention that I was able to visit the Musee Mechanique in San Francisco- and can confirm that the two film photo booths are running and doing fine! Yay! Ran out of time to go to Rayko photo on third st, but maybe next time.

    Always on the look-out,
    • CommentAuthorBrian
    • CommentTimeAug 3rd 2014

    Thanks for the updates. I'll look around and see if I can find some contact info for the CA County Fair photobooth vendors we know. Thanks,