V&A Village Fete Photobooth

Fibre Design (2003)


Ever wondered what happens inside a photobooth after your picture is taken? Well, Fibreĺs version was a little different than most. And the results probably wouldnĺt be considered ôpassport approvedö. The designers built the life-size booth for the annual V&A Village Fete in which creatives are invited to entertain the public with their take on traditional stalls. From the front everything looked normal (although perhaps a little lo-fi) whilst around the back cheeky Fibre were using their creative license (no: 467578423) to make various distortions to the portraits. As well as winning the Best in Show cup and rosette, Fibreĺs booth was one of the most popular ľ itĺs amazing how many people will queue up just to be humiliated.

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This project was commissioned for the V&A by Scarlet Projects.

Thanks to David from Fibre Design for telling us about his project.

Contributed by Brian