Couple overexposed at park's photo booth

Cincinnati Enquirer 8/18/2000
by Sheila McLaughlin


MASON ? An impromptu sexual rendezvous in a Paramount's Kings Island photo booth left a Kentucky couple the picture of embarrassment.

Elizabeth Whitaker, 24, of Mount Sterling, and Aaron C. Caudill, 28, of Morehead face charges of public indecency in Mason Municipal Court after the sex act was seen at 8 p.m. July 17 on a monitor outside the booth.

Police reports indicate the couple noticed the photo booth as they entered the park that morning. Mr. Caudill ?casually mentioned to his girlfriend that she could give him oral sex in this photo booth,? the report said.

The couple visited the booth that night. Neither could be reached for comment Thursday, but a police report indicates the couple was shocked when they learned passers-by, including children, could see their activity.

After snapping a photo of his favorite pose, Mr. Caudill realized what had happened, ran out of the booth and tried to cover the image on the monitor with his hands, the report said.

?Ms. Whitaker stated they had no idea the monitor was stationed outside of the booth, and they never would have done this if they knew that,? Officer Michael Downey wrote in his report.

The couple is free on bail. Ms. Whitaker and Mr. Caudill are due in court on Sept. 5, and court files indicate they will plead guilty to the charges then.

Robert Peeler, Mason prosecutor, said that ?as humiliating as this is for the individuals, their conduct is reckless in that they extended this to unwilling recipients, including children.?

Kings Island spokesman Jeff Siebert was surprised to learn of the unusual photo shoot and said it may be a first for the park.

?We're a family park and try to operate and maintain a family experience,? said Mr. Siebert.

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